My Programs

This is a simple list of the most interesting open source programs that I've wrote:


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A command line tool to see the quality of your build. Shows the same info on developer machines and on the build machine. Think a command line Jenkins wannabe.


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A java library to create an SWT form with data from an object (using reflection). Supports even lists.


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Command line tool to find dependencies between C# Visual Studio projects or Eclipse projects and allow specifying rules to apply to them. The intention is to fail the build if incorrect dependencies are added. It also allows you to explore the full dependency graph from the console.


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A library to allow reporting progress of long tasks to the user. Currently only for C#, but I intend to implement the same API for other languages (mainly Java and C++).


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Ant task to merge services from jar files.


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Stats for your git repository. Basically a grouped git blame over all the files of the repository.


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A simple in memory cache to use with javascript (nodejs or HTML).


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A code generator tool to create C# Models. Runs as a Visual Studio plugin.


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My shot at trying to create a simple Cassandra Java API. Just a POC, but worked at some point in time.

Miranda IM plugins

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A long time ago I developed a bunch of plugins for Miranda IM. The code is still there, but I cannot support them anymore. Some of them still live on Miranda NG.

ComicRack plugins

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Some plugins I wrote for ComicRack a long time ago.